Schomberg Horticultural Society

Since its inception on April 12th, 1935, the Schomberg Horticultural Society has been an integral part of King Township. The objectives of the Society is to hold meetings with guest speakers that will encompass all aspects of horticulture to encourage all types of gardening. It promotes the protection of the environment through good gardening practices, tree plantings, public beautification and educational materials. Furthermore the Horticultural Society is to provide competitions, exhibits, field trips, contests and awards to promote these objectives, which are in the bound by their constitution and are governed by the Agricultural & Horticultural Organizations Act of the Province of Ontario.

The Schomberg Horticultural Society has not taken these tasks lightly, which is evident by the numerous projects, installations, maintenance and beautification of gardens it has taken on over the years. Linda Jessop, the former president, reflects on the history of the society:

The first project was the planting of a hedge around the War Memorial at the Cenotaph.

In 1938 the Horticultural Society took part of a school yard beautification program, where one dollar was given to each school for the purchase of bulbs and shrubs.

In 1939 a tree was planted to commemorate the royal visit to Canada by King George the VI and Queen Elisabeth.

Also, in 1939 the Schomberg Horticultural Society had their first display at the Schomberg Fall Fair, where it received a government grant of $ 7.35 dollars, which today amounts to $ 1000.00

In 1967, when Canada celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, Paul Osin (current owner of BTN Greenhouses) was hired to design a new garden at Hwy 27 and Main Street to commemorate the event. The gardens were planted with various shrubs, but most notably a peony from each member of the Society.

Today the Society takes care of numerous gardens around town which include the lily bed at the library, it was planted with over 1000 flowering bulbs and more than 90 different lilies.  It also takes care of the shade & teaching gardens behind the "Welcome to Schomberg" gardens  and the plantings at Osin Lions Park, which were established by Janet Orr, past president and long-time member and supporter of the Schomberg Horticultural Society.

There are numerous trees planted around town which are dedicated to members who have passed on.

Other major fund raisers for the society are the plant sale in May and the garden tour at the end of June. All funds raised contribute to the maintenance and beautification of community gardens, which are maintained by a group of dedicated volunteers, and educational speakers for the monthly meetings.

Upcoming speakers at the monthly meetings and other events which are held at the Community Hall in Schomberg are:

April 23, Sean James  - Fusion Gardening

May 11th, Annual Plant Sale featuring rare perennials, mother's day baskets, herbs, heirloom tomato plants, treasures from member's gardens, seed exchange, children workshop planting native flower seeds, milk weed seeds and building a mason bee house from recycled materials, master gardeners give gardening advise.

May 28, Karen Shenfeld - "Gardens of Italy portrayed through film" . This meeting is held at the Trisan Centre

June 23, Annual Garden Tour

June 25th, Shannon Wood - Secret lives of plants

September 24th, LEAF - Selecting the Best Native Tree Species for your Yard

October 22nd, Owen Goltz - "Creating an Up Spiral In Plant and Human Health"

The Schomberg Horticultural Society welcomes new members and volunteers, it might be a person who has extensive gardening knowledge or somebody who has just given up a big house, moved into a condo and still wants to be part of a gardening community. Annual membership $ 20.00 per person or $ 25.00 per family. For membership information contact president:

Jill Watts-Hayward  at 905-939-2781, e-mail:

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