Such a Perfect Lake for Watersports that Spray Lake has hosted the National Waterski Championships.

Spray Lake Watersports and Activity Centre was created with the vision of providing customers a unique watersport experience.  Core services include waterskiing and wakeboarding behind top-of-the-line Nautique boats and riding on industry leading straight-line cable park (“The Ranch”).

From beginner all the way to expert, you can waterski or wakeboard behind their specialized Nautiques.   Or Cable Wakeboard or wakeskate at Ontario’s most advanced straight-line cable park.

Their team of professional coaches has decades of combined experience and is committed to providing the best training in a safe environment.

General Admission

The General Admission fee of $10 covers a number of activities from picnic space, beach volleyball, swimming, fishing, nature hikes and more!  If you purchase any waterski or wakeboard sessions, the general admission is included.

Cable Wakeboard

Cable wakeboarding is a sport in which riders are pulled by an overhead cable system, as opposed to a motorboat. Invented in Germany, and popularized in Europe, cable wakeboarding has experienced explosive growth globally over the last decade.

The Ranch Wakepark is one of the premiere cable wakeboarding facilities in Ontario and the closest in proximity to Toronto.

For all ages and abilities.  $20 for a 10 minute ride, and all day access to the beach and lake.


Whether you are a novice or a pro, imagine waterski-ing on a lake that has hosted the Canadian National Championships!

Take a lesson, or if you are a pro, simply enjoy.  For all ages and abilities.  $80 for a 15 minute lesson, and all day access to the beach and lake.

Season opens May 19

Summer Weekdays 12:00pm – 7:30pm
Summer Weekends 10:00am – 7:30pm