Establish Inner Peace & Discover Your Vitality

The Reset, Restore & Revitalize workshops are designed to take you on an intimate journey where you can learn and practice approaches that will help you navigate life with greater purpose, ease, health and fulfillment.

By attending workshops and retreats at Kingbridge, you have an opportunity to gain deeper insights into yourself. The ancient mind-body techniques of Qigong, meditation and mindfulness are effective practices for keeping us present in the moment. When practiced frequently the movements, breath work and intentional thoughts help you become more focused, calm your mind, manage pain, self-heal, navigate stress more effectively, deepen your relationships and reclaim personal happiness.

While workshops can be attended individually, each workshop builds upon, and amplifies the one prior. By giving you an appropriate amount of time in between, your nervous system can assimilate what you learned in the prior workshop.

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Sessions Led by Practitioner Mei Hao

Your workshop will be led by Mei Hao, a third generation practitioner of traditional Chinese and Osteopathic medicine.

For over 17 years, Mei has practised Qi Healing and Tai Chi.

Throughout those years many of her clients have achieved amazing mind/body healing results.

Mei is a three time gold medalist in the Canadian National Taiji Championships.

12750 Jane Street