Snowshoe or Cross-Country Ski on 6.1 km of Trails in this Beautiful Conservation Area.

Rentals Available Saturdays 8:30am to 3:30pm

Snowshoes $5/pair

Cross-Country Skis $10/pair

Cross-Country Rentals Include Skis, Boots, and Polls

There is no entry fee for Cold Creek Conservation Area

Cash Only

There is nothing quite like getting out on the trails and experiencing the beauty and absolute peace that snowshoeing offers.

If you enjoy a good nature walk and are prepared to bundle up, you’ll love snowshoeing.

This simple piece of equipment is designed to distribute your body weight over a wider area, thus allowing you to “float” over the snowy terrain. Ssnowshoeing offers the opportunity to access areas you otherwise wouldn’t be able to in winter.

Cold Creek has three trails which are marked out for both skiing and snowshoeing—beginner, intermediate, and expert. You are welcome to use snowshoes on any trails you please.

After Your Treck Warm up in the Cozy Chalet

Enjoy a hot drink by the warm fire.  Light refreshments are available for sale.

For more information contact Cold Creek Staff at 416-559-0397, or email

About Snowshoeing

Snowshoes have been around for thousands of years. As a nation, they are a proud part of our heritage. Early Canadian fur traders, trappers, and a number of other professions that relied on getting around in areas of heavy snowfall made use of this ingenious invention. In fact, nearly every First Nations peoples of North America had been using snowshoes before the Europeans, and introduced them to this mode of winter transportation. Today, the modern snowshoe is made of aluminum, and looks quite different than the traditional wooden frame and leather lattice of centuries past. But they provide just as much fun.