A Rare Northern Hawk Owl Has Made Schomberg His Home

Meet Logito

This rare Northern Hawk Owl has taken up residence in the Dufferin Marsh, which is on Dr. Kay Drive just east of Main Street.  He was first spotted in late November, and can be seen regularly perched high above the Marsh.

How did he get the handle Logito?  He is named after the Schomberg postal code - every address in the entire town shares a single postal code, L0G 1T0

The typical habitat of the Northern Hawk Owl are the muskegs and swamps of the northern boreal forests, where they spend their entire lives as non migratory birds.  Schomberg is located in the extreme southern-most portion of their range.  Who knows?  Maybe Logito is here to stay......

If you are planning to visit Logito, please be respectful that the marsh is the habitat for many creatures.  Stay on the paths, or view from the road.  Please leave the habitat as you found it.

While you are here, be sure to grab a bite on Main Street and visit the Olde Mill Art Gallery & Shoppe

The Olde Mill Art Gallery & Shoppe is located at the corner of Doctor Kay and Main Street, steps away from Logito's favourite perch.  In the Olde Mill, you will find artist Catherine deMont, whose acrylic painting of the Northern hawk owl is almost completed.  The painting will be on sale in the gallery as soon as it is completed.

Then head into the Scruffy Duck for some hearty fare in the hiswtoric feed mill.


The Natural Landscaping Arround Schomberg Make it a Birdwatcher's Mecca

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There Are Two Outstanding Locations for Birdwatching in Schomberg.

The Dufferin Marsh is a 5 ha natural area located in the centre of the Village of Schomberg steps from the downtown Main Street.  It is a remnant feature of the Schomberg River isolated when the river was channelized in the 1800’s.   Through natural processes and man-made influences the old river bed developed into a wetland.  The land was historically used for farming and was bisected by the Schomberg and Aurora Railway in 1902.  Through the years the Marsh has flourished despite adjacent development.  Visit the Dufferin Marsh Nature Connection.

The Trisan Centre is the local community centre, and on its east side is a large pond that is the home to swans and attracts many migratory birds.


Dufferin March is located on the south side of Dr. Kay Drive, just west of Highway 27.

The pond is located on the east side of the community centre.  There is a platform for viewing.

While You Are in Schomberg, Treat Yourself to Gourmet Coffee, Fine Dining or a Casual Meal at a Relaxing Pub