Soccer Meets Golf in this Fun New Craze.

FootGolf  is played with a regulation #5 soccer ball which is kicked from the tee blocks with a goal of reaching the hole in the fewest strokes possible.  The hole is 21″ in diameter and is located off to the left or right side of the regular golf green.  Kettle Creek's 18 hole FootGolf Course is spread over 80 acres of land with various hole ranging from 90 to 225 yards.

FootGolf Basics

Up to 5 players per group

Bring your own soccer ball or rent one

Adults use a standard #5 soccer ball (Kids can use a standard #4 soccer ball)

Dress Code

Golf apparel with a twist – Collared shirt, Golf pant or shorts, Knee-high Argyle socks (optional), Indoor or turf soccer shoes (No cleats)