Meet Marianne Broome

Marianne was born in England but spent much of her childhood in Malaysia. The stunning scenery and abundance of exotic animals and plants heightened her love of nature and keen interest in drawing and painting.  >Marianne paints in acrylics and watercolours. She has received many awards for her work in juried shows and is often commissioned to create pieces for private collections and for publishers.

"Since childhood my art has flowed from a strong emotional connection with nature; absorbing her diverse moods and describing encounters that take my breath away.  Manipulating colours and textures provides exciting ways to express the fragility of a flower, the ethereal nature of a landscape or the enigma of an abstracted composition. My paintings celebrate the endless beauty of the natural world and an express my deep concern for its preservation.  It is my hope that my work will inspire in the viewer an appreciation of nature’s gifts and contribute to a greater collective environmental consciousness so that we may tread lightly on this earth of ours."


Early Snow

Afternoon Light

Pink Iris

Poppies Three

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